Baby showers


Backstory: my husband is in the military so we do not live anywhere close to our family. I do not have any friends that would throw me a baby shower so my mom has tried to take on the lead of throwing me one. My baby shower is supposed to be in a month and literally nothing is planned. Our baby shower isn’t really going to be your typical shower either... we’re going to be inviting around 200 people. I know that sounds like a lot but both of our parents are divorced and remarried so we have a ton of family and friends. Plus it’s kind of going to be our only chance to see most of our family and friends since we won’t be in town for very long.

So I guess my question is does someone usually throw you a shower or do you have to throw your own? I know I’m probably sounding a little ungrateful, but this whole thing is really starting to stress me out. I’m having to take on throwing my self a damn shower and I’m half way around the country. 😅 Please tell me if I’m acting crazy or not lol