Boyfriend doesn’t want another kid

Hey ladies I need your opinion.

My boyfriend and I have a son together he wasn’t planned but he’s the biggest blessing in our lives. We are amazing parents to him and he is very “ spoiled “ with love! I can’t not think of the future and how I’d love to have another baby in the next couple years I don’t want them to be super far apart.. my bf won’t give me an yes or no answer to having another kid. He said he’d be fine with just my son. That’s a deal breaker for me.. anytime we talked before my son I always said I wanted a family of 4.(2 kids + us)

He tells me not to think of future but I’m a women I do.. that’s what we do..

what would you do? Do I leave or do I sacrafise it? It’s upsetting me and has been for awhile because like i said that’s a deal breaker.

Tia ( plz no rude comments, advise welcome )