On Letrozole 5th cycle


Hi All,

We have been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years now. First 6 months naturally when I realized I have pcos I started going to RE. 1st round of clomid was failed.

1st and 2nd round of letrozole I fell

Pregnant but both miscarried.

Got karyotyping done for both of us all came out normal.

Then comes 3rd and 4th cycles of letrozole both failed.

Now Im on 5th cycle with it.

I started eating healthy , limited caffeine, walking daily and also on supplements like coq10, myoinositol, fish oil, vitamin D , folic acid

If not this round my RE says she suspects endometriosis (though I dont have any symptom of it) and she may ask me to go for surgery, this is scary

Could some one please help what can I do different this cycle so that the whole surgery doesn’t come into picture

Appreciate any suggestions please Im so helpless now.