GD & Early Delivery

I'm just wondering what other momma's experiences have been in terms of being diagnosed with GD and having baby a little ealry.

My OB had made a comment when he diagnosed me (I'll level with you, my heard was not on completely straight after he told me so I didn't risk breaking down to ask follow up questions). He had mentioned that I would be more likely to deliver my baby earlier than the 40 weeks rather than at or after because of the GD. But in looking up more and more research, I'm wondering if he may have meant that they may be more likely to induce me? I get it, with the concern of bigger babies and complications. It's not what I want but I'll do what I have to when it comes down to it.

Has anyone experienced having their baby show up naturally early because of GD or is it typically because of being induced. I'm going to be asking for sure at my next appointment, but I would love to get some other moms experiences in the mean time.