I’m not sure where to post this & could cause a trigger for some.. I just need to let it out..

I had a dream, I don’t really want to share it with anyone in person yet but I just needed to write this down and maybe I’ll get some relief..

I had a dream last night that I went to the doctor and they told me I was 33 weeks pregnant with a boy. okay, great news right? I was ecstatic until the lady told me something was wrong.. she did some weird ultrasound that showed the skin and everything. There was blood all over the baby with little bumps everywhere.. she told me the baby had the chickenpox and said that it was caused by me having shingles when I had fallen pregnant.. told me I had no choice but to terminate the pregnancy because the baby would never survive that young with the chickenpox.. she scheduled it for the next day but I kept searching for second opinions.. I went to another doctor, she did an ultrasound and told me I was actually only 23 weeks and the baby does have chickenpox but there was ways to go about it to cure the pox before birth and that the baby was a girl not a boy.. so she put me on the medication and I had an ultrasound every week, finally it had cleared up and the baby was fine.. went into labor, couldn’t have a natural birth because she was breach.. had to have a c-section, they didn’t even give me an epidural.. the hospital room looked like something out of a scary movie.. I was holding my baby girl and then I woke up with every emotion possible.. there was more to the dream but this is the main parts.. the dream was so real my abdomen was hurting when I woke up as if I was actually cut open and sewn back together..

Scary thing is right after my fertile window ended, I came down with shingles.. so now I’m literally scared to death.. af is due in 5-6 days, I want to be pregnant so bad but this dream has me freaking out. I have never had dreams so realistic like this.. help please, can shingles actually be transmitted to the baby? My mind has been racing since I woke up at 237 am..