Mother-In law

Bare with me.

My boyfriend and I are engaged. We have been engaged now for three months; He’s at basic training. His mothers does not know that we are engaged for she has told us that if we try to get married that she will do everything in her power to stop it from happening. Now she’s been telling me and him this for a long time. She says her reason for that is she’s trying to get use to the fact that she has to share him.

I understand that he was her first child and that she was the only women in his life ( besides his little sister ) lol until I came along. She tells me all the time that she loves my energetic personality and how I’m always happy and that she doesn’t want anyone to bust it but yet she tells me she doesn’t like the person I am. She thinks that it’s not normal.

Granted this made it very weird for me to want to be myself around her. There has even been a time when she has told me that she thinks I’m not good enough for her son. Yet she’s the ONLY one in his family that feels this way. I’ve been told that she’s just jealous that I’m taking her son away from her and that another women has come into his life that he cares for.

I have let him know how I felt and he helped me write a letter to his mother to let her know how I feeling. She did not like it. It made mad at me and him.

But weeks later she called and told me she was sorry for bullying me and making me feel worthless she didn’t mean to. I forgave her.

When my bf left for the military this past summer, we began to start over for I thought it would be nice to get to know her. Everything was going fine and lovely

But every hear and there she would tell me your not allow to marry my son and if you do I do not want any grandchildren. ( Now I wasn’t sure if she was joking or serious) so I left it alone

Two days ago, I babysat her 8 year old while she chaperone her daughter and her bf at the movies

On the way there she talks to her daughters boyfriend all kind and friendly while me she says I don’t want no grandchildren and you better not be getting married. I’m hurt and upset and lost.

I thought we were getting along. But I do not think she ever liked me. My bf has the chance to call from basic and he tells me I told my mother that we are getting married and there’s nothing she can do about he sounded angry. Since he only gets a certain amount of time to talk I try to change to subject. So we ended up having a nice talk he asked me tho if he’s mom texted me I answered yes he wanted to know what she said I told him she said “ Tell him you guys are NOT GETTING MARRIED” with another text saying “I love you guys but i just haven’t gotten used to the idea yet” That we must wait until she’s gotten use to the fact that me and him will get married. He tells me I’m sorry that she is like this to you and we say our goodbyes cause his time was up.

My question is .. Do you think she likes me or is it more than that? If you have any advice or something to help me out that would be nice. I have been crying all day I really feel like I am not worthy to be with him.

Thank you