Confused w/ opk & cm, please educate/advise


So I’ve been tracking opk’s with clear blue advanced and ran out while visiting my parents, so I bought pharmacy brand. Anyway, here’s my chart...

So with clear blue I had “low” up till 9/6. On 9/7 & 9/8 I got “high”...didn’t look like darker lines, but that’s what it read.

So 9/9 with other brand I get “low” and today, taking a picture of it (I should have yesterday too smh) I get “low/negative” again

So here I am just thinking I missed my “peak” day somehow? But then this morning I wiped and had this (tmi)

It’s been like that for like 2 days now.

I am TERRIBLE, like the WORSE at understanding this “sticky” or “egg white” I don’t freaking know? I’m confused.

Do you think I ovulated or not yet? I’m so is cycle day 16.

Please help, I feel like an idiot.