Anybody else do this? Thoughts?


So last night I squirted while having sex with my boyfriend for only the second time. A little history on the first time, he did it with his fingers and it was a fair amount that came out but it was on a blanket that didn’t really show a wet spot we just kinda felt it so it wasn’t nearly as intense as what happened last night.

So last night he teased me for a really long time, he let me have one orgasm and then pulled out and would finger me and dirty talk then when I got close he’d stop again. He did use penetration as well and again would pull out just before I hit my climax. This went on for a good 40 minutes and at this point I’m like dying because my orgasm has been delayed for so long and him being “in charge of me” is one of the things that gets us off so he finally lets me ride him and I guess he tried to play the same game again and pull out but he was like a second too late and I squirted on him. He thought I was just super wet because normally I am and I didn’t look down to see how much there was so he just put it back in and after a few hard strokes I did it again but I could just tell there was so much. He didn’t realize I had squirted until he pushed me off to get into doggy style. I looked and the whole bottom half of his shirt was soaked and the sheets had huge wet spots down between where our legs were and where the sides of his body were from it leaking over. He loved it but I felt soooo embarrassed. He told me not to be embarrassed and that he loved making me lose control and having me in a vulnerable spot like that. It definitely felt good but I also felt super indifferent looking at our wet bed.