Need opinions.. dealing with an ex

This is hypothetical k..

Let’s say you broke up with someone after many many years.. you broke up by your choice bc you understood that it just won’t work bc of difference in communication styles. You put every ounce of yourself into this relationship but have had enough.. Your ex bugs you trying to work things out for months. Pleading you come back and fix things.. you still very much love your ex but have come to understand it won’t work..

Let’s say one day the calls and texts stop.. your ex is no longer bugging you..

Would this make you feel some type of way? Would it make the breakup more real for you? Would it make you miss the constant effort that was being made? Would it spark your interest in possibly working things out? Would it make you believe they’ve learned and it might just work out? Would you seek them for comfort? Where would your emotions be?