Update with the glucose test


The other day I posted about what it was like going in for the test, today I got the call I've been waiting for. I failed with a 170, my guess is I'll probably be diagnosed with GD, so I'll have to complete rearrange my diet because stuff like pasta is a no go now. The other part was the anemia we found, I didnt see my regular dr on Tuesday, so she prescribed some iron pills for me to take, my dr when she called told me she was ordering for more lab work to do more studies because she thinks I'll need to come in for iv infusions. I guess the tablets take 4 months to take effect so I dont see why they check it so late anyway if it's too late to treat. Just a few thoughts, wish me luck for this 3 hour whenever we get it scheduled 😂

Update: they had openings all next week, I chose Friday because my husband has a 4 day weekend, so hell make sure I go do it. Sometimes I cant trust myself because of the anxiety, but at least I wont be 100% bored the whole time.