EDD: Aug 30th , Her Bday : Sept 7th

Christa β€’ Just a fitness babe who had her first diva πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

41 weeks later my baby girl Aubriella Reyna Garland finally made her debut πŸ’•

My story

I was told from the jump by everyone that they thought she was going to come sooner. Of course I wanted her to come before her due date or at least in August. I tried everything for fun to naturally induce. I did my walking every day, bounced on the stability ball, tons of sex, tried the prego pizza, raspberry leaf tea, spicy foods, etc. LOL NOTHING WORKED clearly. But it was fun to just try. I did lose my mucus plug weeks before, would get back pains, I was 2 cm dilated by my last week and got my membrane sweep at my 38 week appointment.

I just came to realization that she was just gonna come when she is ready.

I got asked if I wanted to be induced and I held off because I wanted to see what I can do myself.

Welp, the night before I went into labor I just had a weird feeling. I started to have serious contractions that morning, went my dr apt, got my membrane sweep one more time and 3 hrs later I went into labor.

I had probably the most enjoyable experience ever! I was laughing and smiling through it all. Pushed her out in 3 pushes & was only in the hospital for 12 hrs. I was able to take naps while I was 7-10cm dilated.