Losing weight for my wedding...

So it begins.

I know we should all love ourselves, and accept our bodies, but to truly be happy on my wedding day I feel like I’ll want to be trimmer- I’m currently at about my heaviest, and so I want to get down about 20lbs (or more if I can), before the big day!

It will either be in 6 months, or a year and six months (going for a spring wedding).

So if any of you have tips, tricks, experiences, or progress photos you’d like to share, bring them on!

(If you lost weight for your wedding I’m particularly interested!!!)


Just reference I’m 180-190lbs (5’5”) so 20lbs or more is definitely not going to make me stick thin or unhealthy- it will actually probably improve my life! I was 135 at my lowest and that was pretty thin, but not incredibly sickly. Even with the 1lb a week recommendation it’s still doable in 6 months without going too extreme. And its not an obsession, just a goal to make myself feel better the day of, because I tend to be really self conscious! Just wanted to throw that out there!! Thanks for the tips!!