"I Could Do Better"😑

I've been dating my fiance now for 3 years, we've known each other 6 years and dated briefly when I was in college but I was 2 hours away and we broke up. He's different than any other man I've been with; he's not the most attractive person , he doesn't have his high school diploma and suffers from crippling anxiety in certain situations. But he is the sweetest man I've come across, hes a bit socially awkward so doing romantic gestures doesn't always cross his mind but he does sweet things for me and loves me and my pets with so much passion.

My family has hinted that it won't last, I'm too much of a hard worker and have so much potential for things, that because I make more money and work more I should keep money separate from him and that if I need a place to go to when things go bad I'll have a place with my brother. I get it, in the past I've dated wealthy men that my family adored, male models, one celebrity before they got famous and martial arts fighters and here I am with this tall, awkward, nerd with no family money and no career path yet.

But even though its stressful with money and things, hes made me the happiest I've ever been. Hes loved me through thick and thin and is honestly my best friend. I still cant believe in today's world my parents are still thinking about 'place in society' . There's nothing stopping me from doing all my dreams and goals in my own way. I dont need a man to finance my goals I'll just work hard for them and someday he's going to find his own path and a job he'll keep and love doing. Just needed to rant