Constant coughing while pregnant. Remedies?

Jessi 🤰

Hi girls, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have this constant itchy cough going on. After trying honey, lemon, ginger, strepsil, all home remedies I could think of, I went to the doctor. I've been put on amoxilin. Probably an anti-allergic med would help but I can't take one during pregnancy. Because it's a dry cough mostly caused by upper throat scratchiness, it hasn't really improved. So...more remedies if you guys know to numb the throat? I put cloves in my mouth, which was helpful in previous coughing episodes but even that's failing now.

Also my heartrate is an average of 110bpm, was 120 at one point. I would do better by walking and keeping active to turn my posterior baby to correct position, but have been advised to rest because of all this.....sigh 😑

Any advice please?