Ready to leave this relationship 😭

I’m fairly certain I am in a mentally abusive relationship. Constantly treading water to keep myself from drowning.

My boyfriend and I have been living together for 9 months with my daughter. My daughter and I moved in to his house because we were living with my family. He also lives with his brother and mom, but their situation is different because they are purchasing this house and his mom will be building on the property.

Things seemed so peachy before he always told me he wanted to treat us how we deserved, give us the life we didn’t know existed. Well two months ago that changed.

I am an LPN and he and his brother own their own moving company. He brings in significantly more than I do. I am currently paying off my student loans, car and have minimal help from my daughters father.

He’s constantly questioning everything I say, fact checking me, making sure I ‘tell the truth’. I’ve never lied to this man.

He wants to tell me how to parent my daughter even though he wants NOTHING to do with helping reinforce with her.

I buy all of of groceries which ends up being about 400 a month, which ends in me constantly over extending my income. I cook, clean, do laundry, work full time, take care of my daughter all on my own.

He is constantly making fun of me and my job saying I have nothing because I don’t work hard enough. He wants us to split everything 50/50. Meanwhile he has tons of disposable income for new four wheelers and dirt bikes. I cannot even afford clothes that fit for myself or to get my hair cut. Now he says we could never have a home because I can’t keep up with the house or pay loads of money.

He constantly brags about how much money he made that day, while he knows I struggle.

I recently applied for school to try and improve myself for him. Not once has he said he’s proud of me, he actually questioned why I would take four hours off work to go to the school to talk to advisors since I’m ‘always complaining I have no money’

Then today hes passive aggressively stomping around the house saying my daughter shouldn’t be in his room (wow thought that was our room) because we converted his office into her room so she should be in there. Stomping grabbing laundry because ‘I am a slacker and have done nothing around the house’ meanwhile he had two days off this week to sit and watch tv or tinker in the garage where he could have started the laundry.

Yesterday I went to start it and one of the other three adults in the house had stuff in there!

My daughter adores him he’s truly very good to her to be honest.

Now he’s reminding me that he’s ‘reconsidering’ our whole relationship because I can’t keep up. I’m emotionally wrecked, constantly on egg shells trying to figure out what the next thing I will do to make him mad.

I fucking hate this.