Denying Immigration purely based on religious beliefs


I was at the barbershop with my husband and son yesterday and sitting there I always listen to a room full of men debate many world issues. I guess that’s what they do there 🤷🏻‍♀️ anyways...

One thing they brought up was the fact that Canada was just listed number 1 in the most spiritual places in the world, where I am from. But they were arguing that Canada needs to be careful with our immigration and immigrants we let into Canada that come from countries with very narrow minds on other religions that are not their own.

They brought up the story of a Syrian refugee who was recently just convicted in our community of killing a 14 year old Chinese Girl shortly after coming to Canada on refugee status. And Syria was listed at the bottom of the worlds list for spiritual acceptance based on the article below. Along with Iraq another country that Canada allows many immigrants in from.

So my question is. Do you think that people hoping to immigrate to the county you live in should be rejected due to religious differences? I mean, some people are rejected purely on the fact they don’t pass the medical tests. But should we deny hopeful immigrants purely on their religious beliefs?