Im gonna miss him so much!!!!

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So guys maybe im being immature or needy or whatever, but i just need to and my partner have not spent any significant time apart since we got together back in January. He moved in with me about a week after we got together, which i know is a bit odd but its worked so far. I am now 10 weeks pregnant and am going on a two week long road trip with my family, and while im gone until a week after i get home, he will be out in california house sitting for his Aunt. So a total of 3 weeks not seeing eachother!!!!! Im young, only 19, and hes 29, but this has been the best relationship ive ever been in. Im going to miss him so much while we're apart but i know the distance will be good for us. We went on a "goodbye date" today, had a fancy breakfast together and spent all day together then i drove out to his work to hang out with him (he works as security in a guard shack and is allowed to have visitors) which ive never done before. Gah im just gonna miss him so much, do you ladies have any advice on how to stay sane???? Pics of the both of us below ❤😍


Im 11 weeks today and left my letterboard at home that i was using for bi weekly pictures. Im not due to a picture this week but he just texted me this...

He's the absolute sweetest!!!