Stupid husband

Laura • Mom of 1

Multiple nights this week, during my fertile window, he’s stayed at work late. One night he told me he’d “be home soon” at 10 and at 11:30 when he wasn’t home he admitted he was still at work and in the middle of something. So I got mad and went to bed.

We’ve had sex once this fertile window. Today is the peak fertility and he got wasted and came home late. He’s too drunk to cum. I tried every trick for an hour and a half and he said it wasn’t gonna happen and is now asleep.

I don’t think he fully understands that it’ll be another month before we can try again. That, as a teacher, if I don’t conceive between August - October the following school year eats into maternity. We already miscarried our July conception. If this one miscarries, it’s another month or two before we can try again.

I am very disappointed in how tonight went.