When did I ever go so wrong .......

Ellie▪️May♥️ • Sexual Abuse Survivor 💕


To not be able to carry a child..... 💔

Another heart break, another piece of my heart shattered, another sleepless night, another mad and angry night at myself, and at the women who can carry a child of their own, another night where I’m sitting still and the world is moving around me, another tear, another deep breath, another lonely and sad night, another night where I feel completely lost, and stupid for even thinking this was going to be it!!😢💔

To my beautiful baby, I haven’t yet got to have, and hold, to my beautiful baby that isn’t in this world yet, that no one even knows I’m looking for you, but your the reason I keep fighting, your the reason I’m working my ass off, your the reason I’m here..... and I’ll keep loving you, even when you ain’t here yet, even when you haven’t popped up 2 lines yet... I already love you so much... and you ain’t even here yet, beautiful baby..... I can’t wait to get two lines, I can’t wait to talk to you, and I can’t wait to see your face, and hold you, and kiss you...... 💖

To my beautiful baby, I love you ..... 💔😢