Excessive PP Bleeding/Period


I had my son via c-section on 8/8/18. I had the normal after-birth bleeding and mucous discharge up until (approximately) 9/4/18. I then stopped bleeding and only had mucous discharge up until 9/11/18. On 9/11/18 I started what I think is my period, on a medium flow... on 9/12/18 I had less bleeding, but still enough to consider it my period... then I wake up on 9/13/18 literally POURING blood. All day 9/13/18 and still now (9/14/18 at 3AM), I am filling pads every hour, MAYBE every 1.5 hours at best. It feels disgusting and it is honestly freaking me out. I have having tiny, penny-size clots, but nothing big, and even pouring as I am sitting on the toilet just to change my pad. I have spoken to my bestfriend and she said she also had a scary period after her (vaginal) birth, and I have read that post - c-section periods can be heavy, but is this normal? Is it supposed to be THIS bad? *PS: We are in the Hurricane Florence path in NC so my OB will probably be closed today, so I won't be able to call.