I honestly don't know what to think

My parents have been so generous and kind to my little family for letting us stay with them till we get on our feet. We are on waiting lists for apartments but its 6 months to a year wait. We have been paying them rent and paying our bills. If we ever borrow money we pay it right back. I cook and clean the house while they work (im a sahm and on maternity leave right now and also full time college student online). I never expected my parents to baby me forever. Im a grown woman and can handle much of my own problems but its like they want to parent my 27 year old husband. He's smoked weed since he was 13 and his parents and whole family smoke the reefer. My parents dont like it but i dont know how they can be so judgy since more than half their friends smoke. But they didn't tell us but told my SIL that they would kick him out if they caught him smoking again. -.-. He doesn't smoke at the house or be high in front of them. He'll mostly go to his friends house and smoke like once every other week now. I don't find it to be a big deal unless it messes with his job which it doesn't. I just don't think my parent's realize if he goes I go and im taking the kids. We are honestly just waiting for an apartment to open up so we can get the fuck out. I know its their house and their rules but I never known my parents to be so hard to get along with anymore. To them my husband is always doing something wrong like petty little things that shouldn't bother their every day life and isn't but to them its this whole big deal -.-. Its like they want to try to pick a fight with us all the time and I'm honestly just mentally tired. Like if im not cooking he is grilling for them. One night he had a long day at work and we were suppose to have hamburgers that night (we live in South Florida and he works outside in the heat all day and pulled a 12 hour shift and just wanted to take a shower and lay down). He asked me if I could cook something else with the hamburget meat and I said sure no problem. My parents flipped shit telling him he was lazy and they do so much for us. I dont know why that was such a big issue. Its like making me resent my parents a little bit.