Feeling Selfish in our Home


I must start off by saying that my husband is an incredibly hard worker. He's a firefighter/paramedic and has long shifts and is away a couple nights a week.

I'm in my last year of college (yay 5 year plan) and working about 20-25 hours a week. I've got homework and studying to do, but thankfully my course load is fairly light. I am, however, working on a senior research project, which I kind of a big deal. It requires a lot of time and energy.

I often find that when I come home I am annoyed that our house is messy or dirty dishes are out or no new loads of laundry has been done. I feel like when I slow up my effort at maintaining the home, he doesn't notice/care and doesn't work to pick up the slack.

The other day I asked if he would like to do some laundry for me and he moaned and complained a little. I know chores aren't fun, but I'm mad at myself for getting increasingly upset with my husband over not helping around the house.

Thoughts and guidance? I think I just need a little boost to have a mindset change. I truly appreciate my husband and everything he does for me, so I'm not sure how to talk it out with a friend (or him!) without sounding selfish. Am I selfish?