Pediatrician help


Ok ladies,

This might be a real dumb question but what exactly does it mean to pick a pediatrician?

I don't have time to go interview a bunch of different ones to find the "right" one.

So I looked at their credentials and so on online.

But my midwife said I just need to let them know who the pediatrician is when I get to the hospital.

Does the pediatrician need to know Ive picked them? 😂


Thank you ladies!

I went online to check who was in our insurance network then called the clinic.

Upon talking to the clinic I found out that clinic rounds at the hospital we are delivering at so all we have to do is tell our delivering team we are using so and so for our Pediatrics. They will send up their rounding Dr and we will go from there.

Makes things a whole lot easier knowing the Pediatrics office rounds at the same hospital.