HOCO! I need some expert advice!


Sooo. I’m homeschooled and don’t have a homecoming, and all of my friends know that. So they all thought it would be kind to invite me to their hoco....thank you friends I love and appreciate you all very much 😂❤️

BUT. I have 3 invites and they are all in the same night...😂

Soooo here we go.....

1 st off. I was at church with one of my friends maelin. And a nice lady came up and asked if we were interested in some hoco dresses that her daughter was giving away.... Maelin then had the brilliant idea to get me to go to hoco with her. It was a short sporadic thing and I wasn’t sure that she was serious cause she only brought it up for a second and never talked about it again.

THENNNN. gabby remembered that last year she had invited me to her hoco but I couldn’t go...so she invited me again this year. Thinking that Maelin wasn’t serious, I told gabby I probably would. But I had to talk to my parents.

A few days later I was hanging out with Maelin, and some of our friends, and somehow the somehow the subject of hoco came up, and Maelin remembered that she was taking me. And she made all the plans already and it all happened so fast I didn’t even think about the fact that I was probably going with gabby.

then today I was talking to my BEST FRIEND Ellie, I just asked her if she was going to her hoco. And she asked me if I was going to hoco. And I said that I was probably going with Maelin. And Ellie said I should not go with them. And I should go with her...

Now this is what I WANT to do...I wanted to go to hoco with Maelin. Cause we get along better. I love gabby but we have issues sometimes. And I don’t want anything to happen at hoco and have it be a bust. So I wanted to go with Maelin...until Ellie asked me. Ellie is my favorite person ever. And she knows that I got asked by 2 other people. But she also knows that I would rather go with her then anyone else. 😂😂👍🏼

Now the great thing would be if Andrew (a really close friend!) asked me to his hoco...which is Ellie’s hoco cause they go to the same school... cause I could just tell everyone “sorry I got asked by a guy” but that would make Maelin mad considering the fact that Andrew is her Ex and also her best friend.....😂👍🏼


Maybe I will just sit at home and eat ice cream.... 😂👍🏼