Have you ever transmitted to a partner?


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Maybe two weeks ago, I broke things off with a guy I’ve been gaga over since the beginning of the year. Despite my decision, I do miss him. He has reached out a few times but he hasn’t been productive; just “I miss you” and asking after my behalf. After his request to treat me to dinner last night, I called. I asked about his intentions. I’ll skip those details; I’ll just say it was uplifting. Anyway, I asked him about work. I know he’d been stressed behind his jobs the past few months. Work is still a pain in the ass and it’s still causing him mad stress. Work stressed him into an outbreak. What?! I asked him to repeat himself. He did and my heart dropped. “I’m not pinning anything on you. I’m just talking. I told you from the beginning I was up for whatever with you. I know it lies dormant. Who even knows if this happened when we were together. And if it did it was worth it.” Goodness! I’m not feeling particularly guilty but I’m feeling something. Like I said, I do miss him. I just want to be sure I don’t let this be a determining factor in a reconciliation between us. And him as well! I don’t want him to settle. I mean, I’m great and all but if we’re not meant for one another we’re not meant for one another, despite a shared situation. And yes, I know for a fact that he was testing negative when we met.

I’m not asking for advice, exactly...I don’t know what kind of feedback I want. I guess I just wanted to get this off of my chest.

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