Don’t let lines getting lighter get you down just yet

Mandy • 💏2012 🎀👶🏼1/10/14👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻2019👼🏻6/30/19,👼🏻5/31/20

Hey ladies so I wanted to share with you what has happened to me to hopefully give you some hope because I really could have used a story like this yesterday! So on Wednesday morning I tested and got a vvvvf line but I couldn’t for sure be like yea that’s positive. That was at 6am so at 11am I tested again and got the test that’s in the first picture and I was over the moon excited I had finally got my for sure bfp and it was amazing. I couldn’t wait to start testing every day to watch the line progression so yesterday morning again at 6 am I tested and it was to my horror lighter than my bfp I’d gotten the day before. I was devastated I’d just gone through s chemical pregnancy last cycle and I was sure it was happening again. That is until I remembered that the day before I hadn’t gotten a bfp until the afternoon so maybe I was one of those people that can’t use fmu because it’s more diluted than the second pee of the morning. As badly as I wanted to test this theory I knew I only had 3 of the first response tests left and since were being hit by hurricane Florence as I write this I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go out again and get more tests so I made myself wait. Unfortunately I got weak late last night and decided to use a different brand of test I had from dollar general. My pee looked a lot lighter but I didn’t pay it no mind. I ended up getting the test pictured in the second picture and I was devastated I thought to myself “if I am pregnant it should show something even if my pees diluted! I was panicking. So I knew I had to test my theory this morning so I got up at 6am and peed and waited until 11:30 and tested and I got the test in then 3rd pic and started to sob. I then decided to retry doing a clear blue digital I’d done one Wednesday after the first true bfp but it was negative and as you can see in the 4th picture it was positive and said I’m 1-2 weeks! I’m so happy I’m crying my eyes out!!! Don’t give up hope if you get a bfp and then get a negative or lighter test and if you keep getting bfns try using the second urine of the day to test with. I’m also going to add my line progression in both brands. I’m beyond excited to be growing my precious rainbow baby and hope it’s a sticky bean