Sister issues 🙄

So lately my sister and I haven’t been getting along because she won’t be here for the birth of my child or here for Christmas after my baby is born. Her and her family are going to Disney world instead. I don’t care about the Christmas part, I’m upset that her husband is giving her the option to visit after my daughter is born before the Disney trip but she declined it because “it’s hard to travel with a toddler by myself” yet she has the nerve to say “you can always come visit me, it’s easier to travel with a newborn than a toddler” and I refuse to take my unvaccinated newborn on a plane during flu season. I’m not risking her health because my sister refuses to fly with her daughter alone. Even though she just did it last year when she had to move. To make matters worse my sister said “to make it up to you how about I get you a signature from a Disney character?” And even her husband said “what the hell will that do?” And it’s true. She keeps sending me pictures of stuff from the Disney store and saying “will this make it up to you” and I’m like “you’re missing the birth of my first child, no possession will ever make up for that”

Anyways so today I’m showing her pictures of the car seat I want and she keeps on saying “get the car seat we have” and I keep telling her that my SO and I wanna choose our own car seat and she gets 50 shades of butthurt because I won’t pick the exact car seat she has. This shit is getting so annoying to me. She gets all upset if I don’t choose half the shit she got when her kid was a baby. It’s annoying as shit, I like being able to research and choose my own things for my baby, that’s one of the perks of ya know, having your own baby. Sorry for ranting. I know my fiancé is tired of hearing it and so are my parents. But I don’t know. I’m just fed up with my sister right now. Maybe it’s just me overreacting or my hormones but I feel the way I feel and I can’t help that. 🤷🏻‍♀️