Crazy dreams!

So I've read about vivid dreams being a possible symptom of pregnancy to the point it's been several peoples "I'm pregnant" symptom - how many of you ladies have experienced this? 
​This has been my third night in a row of random but so real dreams. The night before last I dreamt 4 times & remember them all & last night, again twice. One I was back at my old high school, a friend from work was following me around, I was late for work so I washed my hair in a dishwasher, came back to find some girls cooking in the kitchen the dishwasher I washed my hair was but cooking my pillows I sleep with and I burst into madness & yell at them lol like what?! Idk if I'm pregnant or not, but regardless, I've never dreamt so much in my life. 
​Oh & the first crazy dream included my DH & it felt so real that I woke up stressed bc we had fought in the dream so I woke up feeling like I reat had with him in reality too, haha! Oops! ;)