Ranting here

I’m so tired:(

So I’m hanging w my bf and we just finished having sex in his car and he was trying to get the condom off and as he was doing it I kinda hugged him and kissed his shoulder and he told me to fuck off. First off before u tell me I’m dating an asshole he makes jokes like that all the time which is fine but today him saying it bothered me.

Then like 15 mins after that happened we r talking in his car and he starts going on about how we should have started having sex along time ago because I love it so much now. BUT THEN he says “we were together a year and u gave me nothing”. (So u know he’s talking about sex). Then I got pissed cause literally throughout our whole relationship I’ve given him head all the time and barely received anything from him.

Not to mention he just started college and has been complaining that he kinda wishing he was living in Rez so he can be there and party. This upsets me cause he knows we’d break up if he lived in Rez and if he’s so fucking unhappy here then he should leave. (Btw I’m 16 and he’s 18)

Ik this whole thing sounds like shit but I love him and he actually is a great bf :( idfk what to do