Well- I guess he’s not coming until his due date or later!

Melissa • 👶🏻 🎀 Baby Girl // Due 3/2/21 👶🏻 💙 Baby Boy // Born 10/4/18

Had another appointment today- 38 weeks and 2 days. Still no dilation. Still high.

I believe the words the ob used were “unfavorable cervix” for delivery at the moment.

Sigh. Baby appears to be doing well. Measuring average still. I appear to be doing well. Ob isn’t concerned... but still...

I asked him what were the chances that I’d go into labor before my due date. He said it’s hard to say because my water could break at any moment... but he gives it about 7% chance (only 2% chance this week).

Looks like I’ll be having an October baby! 🎃 Anyone know how I can get into that group on this forum? Lol.