My scary but not so scary birth


I went into my last doctors appointment at 40 weeks and 1 day hoping to hear good news because my last appointment I wasn’t dilated at all. The night before I had contractions and back pain till 2am so I was really hoping that meant something!

Also the day before yesterday I decided to get a prenatal massage, then I walked for 2 miles, then I ate some spicy food. (In case anyone was wondering)

So I went into my appointment really expecting to hear that I’m still not dilated. Instead I was being told that my doctor couldn’t find enough fluid around my baby anymore, and that I was 3 cm! Which I was in shock because I was having very little to no contractions. They decided to admit me, and to induce me. Everything went fine up into I was 4 almost 5cm which is when the contractions really started. I of course got an epidural which I’m really glad I did. After I got the epidural I started feeling really sick, and I threw up. While I was throwing up my water broke all over the bed. Within the next hour and half I went from 5cm to 7 almost 8cm. That’s when things started taking a turn for the worst...

My baby’s heart beat was decreasing, and kept getting lower and lower... the doctors and nurse all came rushing in to try getting his heartbeat back up. After 5 minutes of his heart beat being extremely low my doctor told me we might have to do a csection or I would lose my son.. at this point my heart stopped, and my brain went completely blank.. the next 20 minutes they tried everything to get his heart back up even went as far as to flip me over on my knees. They put an oxygen mask over my face and that’s when I really started to freak out. They flipped me back over, and asked me to push even though I was only 8cm. I pushed for about 5 minutes when they asked me to stop.

Then a miracle happened..

his heart beat jumped back up again, and was perfectly normal! Now I was 9 centimeters. An hour and half later at 2:17am my second son William Albert joined the world weighing in at 6 pounds 7 ounces 20 inches long without a csection!

And we couldn’t be any more happier to have him here! He is perfect in every way💙 i am having issues breastfeeding him because he doesn’t seem to want to latch :/ but hopefully he’ll pick up on it soon! His older brother will be coming to meet him very soon, and I can hardly wait for them to meet one another 😍😍