CD 41, cream-watery-lotiony discharge everyday.BFNs


I need to ask your help guys. I’ve been on progyluton to help set my cycles the last 3 months which ended in July. After my marriage and being sexually active my cycles started to go haywire for a few months hence the medication. My last period was 9 August after which I didn’t take any medication and just TTC normally. It’s the 17th now I’m about 8 or 9 days late. And for the past 2 weeks I’ve been getting watery or creamy lotion like discharge everyday. Usually I dry up or start to spot. Every test I’ve taken is a bfn . I tested on CD 30,33,38 and today at CD 41. I have sharp twinges on my right lower pelvis too. I even got a blood test at CD33. I’m so confused. If I trust my body my CM tells me it’s not like before AF. But the tests say otherwise. Give me some hope guys please. I got a check up in July and my Ultrasound and everything is normal. I don’t have PCOS. Did any of you get a BFP later?