Tell me your story of staying w/ your man after he cheated

My boyfriend cheated on me.

We’ve been together about 4 & 1/2 years, long distance all that time up until last month when we moved in together.

He cheated the day before our anniversary in February. I had just visited him in January, and again in March. He didn’t tell me, I found out by snooping on his phone from a gut feeling (I had no suspicions). He still had her thong in his jacket pocket. It was a premeditated thing, planned for a few days. I was absolutely clueless on my side of the country. I just found all this out yesterday.

I already know most everyone is going to say I’m stupid for giving him a second chance. There are other personal-to-him circumstances (NOT justifications. Nothing in the world could justify his actions) that I’m aware of. I just...believe in second chances and I do know that he’s a different person now than he was then for his own personal reasons. I’m willing to believe in him and see the good and how far he’s come. I also know that this was the one and only time he’s done something like this (again, not a justification, just explaining the facts). So....

Can someone share their success story of staying with your partner after they cheated on you? How you, yourself, worked through the emotions? How is your relationship now?

If you’ve read this far, thank you so freaking much❤️