Pregnant or the pill?

Last month (August) my bf and I had unprotected sex during the time I should had been ovulating if I wasn’t on the pill. I was also stressed out last month. Early this month I got a day of Black spotting and pink spotting very light. Now it’s been about 2 and a half weeks since my last period “period” and my boobs hurt (nipples) and he said how they look bigger. I took a test about 4 days after my “period” I left it sit for 3 minutes and it looked negative but it also was blue dye. I have heartburn and the other day I craved Chinese food and I absolutely hate it. I also have cramps but not period cramps. My belly also looks bigger on the left side. Idk if this has ever happen to you. Please let me know what you think... and if I should test or just wait it out.