In need of advice, please!!


Recently, my partner and I of almost 3 years got engaged. Throughout the course of our relationship, we’ve never had any serious arguments or problems. My partner does not have any form of social media, however I do. The reason being, is because when we first got together in our relationship (I’d say around 2nd months of dating) he was adding all these random girls on Snapchat. I confronted him about it, and he deleted all social media instantly (without me asking, he did that willingly) and he hasn’t had it ever since. Fast forward to present day, we’ve never gone through each other’s phones before. Last night, I opened his phone because it was left on my night stand, and found all sorts of Facebook messages and Snapchats to random girls asking for camera/video shows, etc. Certainly, I was horrified, and he was doing it from a made up account.

Ladies — what should I do? How do I address this? I’m at such a loss, we’ve always been so happy, i don’t know what I should think or do!! 😖

Please give me advice!