Is it possible to be raped by your own boyfriend??

So I’ve been dating this guy for a while. We both have busy schedules but are good with making time for each other. Lately I’ve been extra busy with picking up extra shift and am just too tired. He comes home drunk and high one day and his loudness wakes me up. I hear him say “bae get up I’m horny”. I explain to him how I have to be at work in a couple of hours and had only been sleep for one hour I’m exhausted. It’s not my fault he decided to party all night. He rips the covers off of me and says to me “bitch I said I’m horny” which shocks me. I tried to get away but he throws me back down and just penetrates as I plead for him to stop. We’ve never done anal (well at least I haven’t) and for some reason that’s where his aim was and he was ignoring my painful pleas. He finishes then passes out. Wakes up the next morning and says nothing like nothing happened. I don’t know if he doesn’t remembers or if I just established that he’s a monster. What do I do?