I need a GYM buddy!!

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My doctor has let me know I’m literally on my way to being diabetic. I was 134.7 in March and now I’m 153.6! I was told I need to change my lifestyle of eating and working out 5 days a week!!

I need to be back down to the 134.7 or less! I know it’s a huge goal, but I need to turn my life around ladies.

I do NOT have Snapchat. But I have iMessage and Facebook to keep up with a few of you as well as Fitbit. If you need to lose weight too, I’ll be your accountability buddy. I just need someone to keep me in check and keep my self esteem up since I’m self conscious.

If you’d like to be my buddy; then please let me know, what are your goals and much more. (: thank you. :)