“Sex”, pregnancy and parenthood


So a little history first: I have an almost 2 year old son who goes to day care 2-3 days a week and they have taught him some basic sign language ( more, all done, thank you) which we’ve obviously caught on to as well. I just had our second child this morning which was a scheduled c section. Through out this pregnancy I have had a lot of hypersensitivity “down there” and hip and back pain so sex has been off the table since about 30 weeks. My husband has been a very understanding and a wonderful man through it all.

So take us to this morning. Our son stayed the night at my mothers because we had to be up at 430 for the schedule c section. As my husband hopped in the shower I decided to give him a treat this morning for all his patience and support during this pregnancy and I knew it would be at least 6 weeks before we’d be back in the sack again. So I snuck into the shower with him and gave him a good old fashion handjob 😂😂 I tried to make it as rewarding for him as I could with some dirty talk, moaning and lots of soapy suds. I wasn’t really watching his “member” to see when he was done and he was so into the moment since it had been so long that he couldn’t speak. So when the big finale finally arrived he signed “ all done” and “ thank you” to me lol 😂 we both instantly started cracking up.

Now since we’ve been in the hospital recovering all day, anytime anyone asks us if we are all done with something we can’t help but wink and laugh at each other.

With two boys under two and the craziness of life, I love the fact that I have found a man who is as patient and understanding as my husband is and who i can still have inside jokes with after 10 years.

Picture of my new born son Theodore Duke 7lbs 11ounces 19 1/4 inches and perfect in every way