At a loose end.. need help!

So my boyfriend assaulted me (punched me in the face, strangled me & head butted me) I had to hospital as I had a potential fractured cheek bone! He damaged my car also so I called the police, when the police went to his house he had left, but later they got him and arrested him! When questioned he said I assaulted him, but admitted to the criminal damage but said he didn’t touch me or assault me in anyway! My whole left side of my face is black and blue from where he punched me so I was at the station today to get pictures took! The police informed me that he was in fact doing me for assault but then changed his mind, as it would effect my job (he was still trying to manipulate the situation!!!) he has a history of abuse etc.. has been in and out of jail? But do you think my case will be enough for him to go to jail again? I’m not feeling very hopeful! I’m frightened and I want him out of my life for good!! Has anyone been through this? Please help!