Missed AF

For the past 6 to 7 months, I went to a fertility doctor. He did his part where I go in every so often to check if I'm ovulating and what not. Lately, I haven't been. I get done with him since he wanted me to go straight to

<a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>

. I said no. Give me letrozole and I'll try a few months that way. He declined. So since I had pains down there that match with endo, I had a D&C woth a laparoscopy surgery June 19. (Bled for 40 days and then stopped with progesterone pills.)

2 months later, I go to a new young female gyno. I told her what's going on and she instantly game it to me. Had AF Aug. 22 and took it on the 5th day.

I have been nauseous since last Saturday (Sept. 15) so I didn't think of anything or check since I ALWAYS have been getting negative tests. Well, a few days later my pee was getting longer and louder. So i decided to test at 11 PM Friday. Low and behold after 10 YEARS of trying, I finally did it! I got my BFP. (Only took 1 round of letrozole.)

Update.. Progress report