It finally happened!


We’ve actively been trying for 9 months. After my doctor confirmed that I do not ovulate on my own, I started clomid. 4 rounds of clomid lead to all negative pregnancy tests. I was so crushed. My doctor decided to try one more round of clomid while I wait for an appointment with a fertility specialist. I made my appointment, deleted Glow from my phone. I didn’t track my cycle days..I only took one ovulation test because I was feeling crampy mid-cycle and it was positive. I figured at least I would know when to expect my next period because I’m sure the specialist would want to know. We only managed to have sex twice after my ovulation test. I drank wine and beer (I just love pumpkin beer!). I just enjoyed the time with my husband and for once in the past 9 months, I felt free. Yesterday, I wake up feeling a little off and kept getting little tummy tweaks (but at this point I never trusted how I “felt”). I have the cheap amazon tests so I figured that I could take one, no harm since it’s cheap. I brushed my teeth and I could see the littlest shadow. I almost fainted! So I held my next pee for a few hours and took a FRER and a clearblue digital and I finally got my positive! Round 5 of clomid. I pray this is a sticky one! I’ve decided to call him/her Tweak for now because I wouldn’t have tested without feeling the little tweaks ❤️