I feel so awkward

So my bday is Saturday and the hubby insist on inviting some friends over to hang out.. Now im socially awkward as is and only chill with maybe two females im ok with.. He wants to invite his friends n co-worker and i just feel like I'm the excuse for them to just chill.. Its became a huge argument and now he just tells me to take the money n do me... Wtf i can never win what should i do?

And no i don't chill with my siblings or anything like that im very alienated from them due to family drama


thanks everyone my bday was yesterday..it was a total failure i spent the day cleaning n cooking making the house pretty n making sure everyone's needs were met and decorating rearranging and at some point got happy waiting for guest that nevet showed up... this is another reason why i never do anything... my "boyfriend" got so drunk that he came to bed at 3am and didn't even cuddle or anythong he just apssed out... yay happy birthday to me