Meant to be or nah?

Okay ladies I've been with my S/O 8 yrs..well we've split and got back together he's a great man to my kids that aren't his and me for the shit I've put him threw. I met this guy like 4 yrs ago and ever since we've had feelings for each other and we even tried to get together but when I was single he was in jail. We had one night together and he couldn't "perform" due to taking too many pills. I know he's a fuck boy and he's always got some girl wanting him but I also know he loves me and I deeply care for him but I know he's no good he doesn't have a job a car a house he can't stay out of jail..I just can't help but feel that I may be in love with him and maybe he's supposed to be the one for me...then again I know it's never work..anyone else been here? What did you do?