I’m not even excited about this pregnancy

I KNOW. I’m beyond blessed to carry this baby. I KNOW so many people want a baby and can’t.

I’m sorry I wanted this baby too. I want this baby. I want to feel happy but everything is being overshadowed by recent marriage problems

I just can’t handle the judgements from people who are going to be like you two really shouldn’t be having a baby now - bc we are !!!

I’m just feeling ashamed to be pregnant and it’s not fair to this baby. I normally would’ve told the world and made cute announcements but I’m just so ... sad I guess.

I hope things get better when baby comes. I want this baby to have all my joy live and excitement.

*** I should add we already have a toddler we wanted him to have a sibling but with things the way they are now I’m just feeling really upset.

Prayers for things getting better ...