What’s the purpose and history of hyphenating a name?


So I never really understood or knew much about hyphenated names till fairly recently, I kinda like it though depending on the name and reason why and thinking of maybe doing this for one of my future daughters, I already have been blessed with 2 girls and the youngest has 2 first names as does her dad but not hyphenated. It’s Tiffany Grace but you say it together like TiffanyGrace and has a middle name as well.

I’ve also heard this called a double barreled name!

Please tell me all the info you know of hyphenating a name. Especially a first name for a boy or girl. I’ve seen it done occasionally for middle names too. What’s the history or purpose behind it other then just two names together or look or uniqueness? How long has it been around and is it really a southern thing or mostly Southern as I’ve been hearing on here?

If you live in another country other then the USA 🇺🇸 Do you see names like this there? Just curious.

Also if you grew up with one or named your child one what was the reason it was hyphenated and do you or they like it?

Do you or they go by both names or just the first one ?

For example I like the Duggers from counting on TLC show, 3 of the kids have hyphenated first names but only one really goes by both sometimes Joy-Anna. Fun fact those that do all but the last one just have those no middle name and the second last baby, has a hyphenated first name and a middle name. Also did you or baby have a middle name or just the double first hyphenated name and last name?

What has been your or their experience having a hyphenated first name. Positive and or Negative.

If you or your kids or SO, or someone you know has one please feel free to share that name if you like. All info or any data or history on this will be helpful to read for others and myself along with personal experiences!

Please no bashing or bullying this is meant to learn about the topic of hyphenating names! So feel free to say why you don’t like it or positive or negative experiences or any info you know but let’s not put down others who have different experiences or views!

Maybe your just used to one first one middle and one last which is very common and just never thought to do this or what it means and are open to learn.

When I had my first two kids I didn’t know or think of this or multiple names or different ways to name a kid other then just the common above.. I’m learning a lot and always open to learning more!!

Thank you for reading this!! Sorry it got long! 😊