Finally got my PCOS cysts removed!

Delilah • Mami to princess Emilia 👨‍👩‍👧♥️ 5 years ttc with PCOS

Hi ladies! So after my failed pregnancy attempt when I got a positive ovulation test, I decided to finally see a specialist about removing my cysts due to PCOS.

My first appt was on a Tuesday and he was so excited to help me out that he literally booked my appt 3 days later on Friday for the larascopic procedure! I was so excited & scared but I knew at the end, it would all be worth it to have my baby! ❤️

My procedure was successful only took an hour & half. He removed all my cysts with a laser. Thank God I also found out that my tubes are open 🙏🏼 I cried as soon as he told me!

I did have discomfort after of course but a week later I’ve been back to work and moving around great. Me and fiancé did bd right after bleeding stopped and are hoping for a miracle ✨

My doc did say to wait to bd until next period and prescribed femara, metformin & OBcomplete prenatals. However, hubby has been so excited to start trying he can’t wait until next month 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Anyone else had this procedure done? Please tell me your success stories!! 😍 thanks for reading, baby dust to all ✨