He has an answer.

When we come face to face with infertility, there are mountains of decisions that must be made. Questions bombard us with unyielding tenacity, and each demands an answer. Do we seek treatment? If so, how do we pay for it? How far will we go? Should we consider adoption? Is this God’s will for our lives? Is this God’s way of telling us to stop? Each decision must be weighed carefully, for the outcome could have eternal ramifications. How do we make the right decision?

Who understands our past, our present and our future better than God? We seek answers from doctors, from support groups, from family members and friends, and that is all well and good. But when we face the difficult decisions of infertility, don’t forget to cry out to God for His wisdom in knowing what to do.

Ask God Almighty for that wisdom today to guide you in the right decision.