Help! Need opinions

Okay ladies, I need your help. I’m trying to avoid going to the doctor- I can never get an appointment and even with my insurance they charge an arm and a leg just for a referral.

For the past 2-3 months my body has been out of wack. I haven’t been the best at remembering to take my pill and have had to double up almost every- every other day (who let me female 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️) Early and late periods (spotting only which is Not normal for me), constant fatigue cramps near my uterus and pelvis and pain in my breasts (I had also recently found lumps in both breasts which could explain the pain) I briefly thought I might have been pregnant ( I have been before)

I took 3 tests all of which were negative, went to planned parenthood to attempt for and ultrasound as just to be sure ( my aunts second pregnancy had multiple false negatives and my mother had her period her entire pregnancy with me so I just wanted to be sure) but they wouldn’t do it without a positive test. I’m not too concerned about it being a pregnancy anymore as I would be 3 months and I have gained no weight and my breasts are the same size and no other symptoms, but I’m worried it could be something else.

Could this simply be from me not being constant with the pill, a constant diet of healthy TV dinners (which I just started doing to save time) or should I just eat the money and go get checked?