Mouth bleeding

Our 1 month old was screaming like crazy, he already ate, so my husband was trying to get him to take his pacifier. Our baby has a tendency of shaking his head like crazy. So while my husband was trying to get him to take the pacifier, it looked like he ripped the bottom of his tongue.

It started bleeding a lot, but I think it was just the mix of saliva. Once I held my son he stopped crying... but than my husband began crying and freaking out telling me he’s so sorry but anyways it didn’t seem like his mouth was bugging him. It does look like maybe something under his tongue ripped but I honestly can’t tell and idk how it looked before.

We tried calling the doctor but it looks like they closed up early. So we were gonna call in the morning. And we have his 1 month appt on Wednesday.

He should be fine tho right? Has anyone else have this happen to them? We’re just a little nervous.