I think my 2 month old is going to be a big sister...😬

Brittany • ❤️2/23/16❤️💗Avalynn 7/26/18💕💕Ariya 5/28/19💗

So I’ve been feeling like crap and haven’t gotten my period yet after having my daughter. So I tested today and this happened...

Now I feel like crap because it’s too early to have another baby... but I won’t abort because I’m against it but I didn’t want this to happen because I wanted to watch my first one grow and enjoy her for a while I didn’t want to rush but I’m happy to be having another one because babies are a blessing to me because I’ve had family members lose babies and it’s heartbreaking... But I’m going next Thursday to confirm if I’m having a second baby but I’m pretty sure I am.❤️

And here’s my gorgeous two month old Miss Avalynn Rose..☺️